19 March 2018
Sway Bar Links

Sway bar links are usually 4 to 6 inches in length and connected to the sway bar at 90-degree angles. Sway bar links helps in connecting outer end of the sway bar to the suspension component. Some vehicle have only one sway bar whereas few vehicles have one more sway bar between the rear wheels. With the increase in some sway bar, the sway bar links will increase as it connects the sway bar to the suspension system. Sway bar links usually have two ball joints at each end.

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Over the period, this sway bar links worn out. Damage sway bar links affect the handling of the car, especially in case if it breaks and the sway bar disconnects from one side of the vehicle. The vehicle tends to lean more on corners with a broken link, and the vehicle can topple or can get imbalance during motion. With growth in production of the automobile, sway bar links market is expected to register a significant CAGR over the forecast period.

Sway Bar Links Market: Drivers & Restraints

A major driver for the growth of sway bar links is the automobile industry. Each vehicle that runs on the road or will run on the road is fitted with sway bar links. Mobile healthcare facilities, Construction activities, transportation of goods, e-commerce business, is fuelling the market of automotive. Increase in users of vehicles for various such purposes will fuel the demand for sway bar links. Re-used cars market has been witnessing growth across countries; such re-used cars before resale undergo refurbishment and refitting. Refitting of the various component in a used car brings in demand of different automobile parts in the aftermarket, which will again bring in probability for the growth of sway bar links as sway bar links need to be changed in re-used cars, which has run a vast distance.

The likelihood for restraint in the growth of sway bar link market is of minuscule magnitude. Fall in demand for automotive and subsequent decline in production of automobiles is the only circumstance in which the sway bar links market can face steep fall.

Based on the geographic regions, global sway bar links marketing market is segmented into seven key market segments namely North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, Japan, and Middle East & Africa. Among the regions mentioned above, APEJ will dominate the sway bar links market over the forecast period. The countries such as China, India, and South Korea will be the key contributor to the growth of sway bar links market in the region. The growth in automotive industry and demand for vehicles in the region are the factors, which will contribute to the growth of sway bar links market in this region. North American and Western European sway bar links market is estimated to be followed by the APEJ market. Eastern Europe market of sway bar links is expected to grow because automotive industry in a country such as Russia is on an expansion spree. Whereas Japan is a country with some of the major automobile manufacturers based there, such manufacturers will catapult the demand of sway bar links. Latin America and MEA is also expected to provide an optimistic market of sway bar links, even though both these region are devoid of any major automobile manufacturers but aftermarket and automotive service industry will provide the necessary demand of sway bar links in this particular region.

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Sway Bar Links Market: Key Players

Some of the major players identified in the global sway bar links market includes,

ZF Friedrichshafen AG
Guangzhou Karen Auto Parts Co. Ltd

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