20 February 2018
Colored Diamonds

The Fancy Intense Yellow Diamonds, also known as the Canary Diamonds, are the most sought-after gemstones

(EMAILWIRE.COM) Toronto, Ontario -- Yellow diamonds, like other natural colored diamonds are rare. This rarity is due to low supply and high demand. "The shortage of this fancy natural colored stone makes it a desirable investment," says. Mr. David Metcalf of Premier Diamond Group ( http://premierdiamondltd.com/ ), a firm that specializes in natural colored diamonds as a hedge against excessive market volatility.

What is a yellow diamond? To understand the yellow diamond, it is imperative to look at the Yellow Diamond Color Scale. The fancy Light Yellow and the Fancy Yellow lies on the left of the scale. The Intense Yellow is found in the middle while the Deep Yellow and Vivid Yellow are found on the far right of the scale. The Vivid Yellow are the most expensive and the most popular.

What makes these gemstones popular? Fancy vivid yellow diamonds rise in value over time and they are known to do well as an investment vehicle more than any other investment such as stocks or bonds. While investors can purchase based on their affordability, some fancy yellow diamonds have been valued at $100,000 per carat.

According to Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a 12.16 ct Fancy Vivid yellow was sold for $155,232 per carat In November 2010. A 43.36 ct Fancy Vivid yellow was sold for $2,654,802.70 ($71,871 per carat) in November 2011, while a 27.42 Fancy Intense yellow was sold for $76,470 per carat in December 2011. The Fancy Intense Yellow Diamonds, also known as the Canary Diamonds, are the most sought-after gemstones, because of their clear and pure yellow shade. Hence, an investment vehicle one should consider.

Like with any investment, it is the responsibility for the investor to seek expert advice or do some due diligence. The internet provides vast resources on natural colored yellow diamonds. However, Premier Diamond Group (North America) Ltd has a knowledge base and Mr. David Metcalfe for consultation. Mr. Metcalfe is “a pioneer in the branding of natural colored diamonds as a hedge against excessive market volatility brought about by speculation and government credit excesses.” For more information, go http://premierdiamondltd.com/portfolio-protection/.

About Premier Diamond Group (North America) Ltd
Premier Diamond Group specializes in the purchase and sale of natural colored diamonds for wealth accumulation and estate planning purposes and holds membership in the International Colored Gemstone Association and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. For more information, go to http://premierdiamondltd.com/.

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