13 February 2018
Government of Biafra

For Immediate Release

Government of Biafra sternly rebukes the European Union (EU) over it's (Arrogant and Inflexible) Brexit Stance: (British Born) Biafran State Counsellor issues 'Private Personal Statement' asking the UK and Ireland to (Jointly) Exit the EU Together.


Before I start, I would like to make it categorically (and abundantly) clear that I am primarily speaking as a British Citizen by Birth, One of Pure Biafran Ancestral Heritage, with Strong Irish Connections and Formidable International Standing; who is additionally privileged to professionally work (to date) as a Fully Licensed Medical Doctor on the Other (Continental) Side of the European Uuropean (EU), Albeit Quite a (Relatively) Long Way (Away) from Home.

My Current IPP (Internationally Protected Person) Role as the De Facto Head of Governance (and Chief Public Servant) of the (Trans-Territorial) Government of the Biafran Union (BU) does not in any way suggest that this is the Official Position of the Biafran Government or the Biafran Union, let alone of the Vast Majority of (Highly Distinguished) Biafran Citizenry Worldwide.

However, in view of the Utterly Alarming Inflexibility of Current Brexit Negotiations most especially from the Side of the European Union (EU), the Government of Biafra has (uncharacteristically) permitted me to Loudly Speak Out on the Issue; Strictly via a Private Personal Statement, rather than an Official Government Press Release.

Whatever the Case, the Government of Biafra universally needs to be warmly congratulated on this Exceedingly Delicate (Diplomatic) Manoeuvre, most especially when the African Union (AU) has notably remained Conspicuously Silent on the Matter.
The Government of the Biafran Union (BU) has obviously seen that the United Kingdom is in Very (Very) Deep Trouble (at present), and has therefore Diplomatically Allowed Me to Speak Freely on this issue; despite the Fact that the British Government appears to have historically (and consistently) done very (very) little for the Whole Biafran (Territorial) Region at Large.

It is therefore (fundamentally) hoped that the Tacit Support of Brexit, by Certain Sections of the Government of Biafra (and Certain other Biafran Institutions), will ultimately lead to a Brand New Way of Thinking by Downing Street; most especially in relation to International Biafran (and British Commonwealth) Affairs.

Whatever the Case, I would like to, once again, firmly re-iterate that this is a (Rather Brief) Private Personal Statement, rather than an Official Biafran Government Policy.

For The Record : All (Resultant) Enquiries (or Comments or Complaints) in relation to the (Unapologetically Forthright) Contents of this (Particular) Communication , should primarily be routed electronically , via the Professional LinkedIn Profile of Professor Obi ; which is currently located at https://www.linkedin.com/in/alternativemedicinedoctor

* * *

Under the Present Circumstances, in my (Personal and Private) Opinion, the Most Sustainable Way Out, of this (Utterly Horrible) Brexit Mess, is for the United Kingdom (UK) to Unilaterally Walk Away from the European Union (EU); without any 'Brexit Deal' or 'Brexit Divorce Bill' whatsoever.

There is Absolutely No (Logical) Point in the UK (Weakly) Accepting a Very (Very) Bad 'Brexit Deal’; most especially when the EU is being Exceptionally Selfish, Outrageously Arrogant and Wrecklessly Inflexible (on almost All Fathomable Brexit Fronts).

In Fact, if I were the (current) British Prime Minister, I would have Summarily Terminated all of these (Highly Inflammatory) Brexit Talks (with the EU), ages ago, (citing Irreconcilable EU Differences and Bad EU Faith); while also (of course) Unilaterally Commencing the Signing of Lucrative (British) International Trillion Dollar Trade Deals.

Furthermore, I would Primarily (and Constructively) Allow (Peace Loving and Law-Abiding) EU Citizens from '(Mutually) Friendly' EU Countries to Permanently Remain in the UK (on a 'Case-By-Case' Basis); after Brexit.

Unfortunately, once Brexit is (Ultimately) Finalized (via Either Default or Effluxion), All EU Citizens from '(Mutually) Hostile' EU Countries will be Compassionately (and Humanely) Deported, (En Masse), from All Areas (and Territories) of the UK, after a Charitable (Visa-Free) Transitional Stay of 180 (One Hundred and Eighty) Days; without (Any) Bitterness, (Any) Malice or (Any) Ill Will.

During an Exceedingly Enjoyable (Top Level) Phone Conversation, the other Day, a Good Old (Retired) Irish Diplomat, recently averred that almost Everyone in Ireland is Fully Aware that the European Union (EU) is craftily using the Republic of Ireland to Ruthlessly Blackmail (and Politically Clobber) the British Government into Perpetual Regulatory Submission.

The Erudite (Former) Irish Ambassador Also Profusely Lamented that it sadly appears that Far Too Many Irish Politicians remarkably appear to have Very Short Memories (indeed); most especially relating to what the EU 'Mercilessly' did to Ireland during the most recent series of (Highly Devastating) Irish Economic Recessions.

Thankfully, it is Not Beholden to me (Professor Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi, of All Living People on the Planet) to Boldly Dictate (or Pontificate) to the Sovereign Irish Nation as to What It Should (or Should Not) Be (Rightfully) Doing with its Sovereignty.

However, as an (Honorary) Irish Voter, I humbly feel that the Republic of Ireland should also be Sternly Warned, in No Equivocal Terms, that the European Union (EU) will never ever Endlessly Allow the Republic of Ireland to (Permanently) Have Its Cake and Eat It.

Being 'Out of Sight' often regularly equates with Being 'Out of View’: So, Once Britain (Maverickly) Walks Away from EU Negotiations, then Ireland will No Longer be of (Much, If Any) Political Use to the European Union.

As Soon as This Happens, the EU will then (Ultimately) Begin to Show the Republic of Ireland (precisely) what It's True Colours really are; since the Irish Republic (together with Its Battered Economy and Feuding Warlords) will then be Too Far Away from Continental Europe to be of Much Political Significance to the (Considerably) Wealthy and (Graciously) Peaceful FGSI (Franco-German-Spano-Italian) EU Hierarchy.

To this Effect , in My Totally Unsolicited (and Daringly Cheeky) Opinion , the (Hard-Working) Irish Republic would probably be much better off (in the Long Term) if it URGENTLY considered (Tactically) Exiting the European Union (EU) , via an (Appropriate) Parliamentary Avalanche of Emergency (Brexit-Convergent) Legislation and a Statutory (Brexit-Friendly) Plebiscite , in (Agreeable) Tandem (and in Cautious Solidarity) with their (Embattled) British Cousins ; so that ,(at Least), the Hallowed Integrity of a Borderless (and Frictionless) Ireland will continue to be Irrevocably Assured ; hopefully under the Sacrosanct Terms of a (Renewed) Good Friday (Peace) Accord and a (Renewed) Historic (Post-EU) Upgrade of the (Pre-EU) Common Travel Area (CTA) Treaty.

Alas: The EU would then be (Ultimately) Forced to (Painfully, Expensively and Permanently) Focus on the Endless Myriad of (Political and Socio-Economic) Problems of Mainland Continental Europe; (regretfully or otherwise) without any Blessed Little Farthings, (whatsoever), from the Whole of the British Isles.

Sincerely, Faithfully and Respectfully,
The Most Excellent Professor Obi GKB
State Counsellor of Biafra land
Government of Biafra
Biafran Union (BU)
Date: 12th of February 2018

Keywords: Brexit, Biafra, Obi, Ireland, EU

Very Important (Additional) Notes

About the Government of Biafra:

The Government of Biafra is the Over-Arching, Sovereign, Supranational and Trans-Territorial (Statutory) Governance Entity for the whole of the Biafran Union (BU); Worldwide.

About Biafra, the Biafran Union (BU) and the BEA:

The Biafran Union (BU) is a Sovereign, Supranational and Trans-Territorial Region; which politically covers Western Biafra (OCCUPIED BY NIGERIA), Central Biafra, Eastern Biafra, Islar Biafra, the Biafran Diaspora, and the Biafran Economic Area (BEA).

The Current Roles and Responsibilities of the State Counsellor (inter alia) include the following:

Chief Public Servant; of the Government of Biafra.
Head of Governance; via the Government of Biafra.
Political Leadership; via the Government of Biafra.
International Diplomacy; via the Government of Biafra.
Sustaining Diversity; via the Government of Biafra.
Promoting Equality; via the Government of Biafra.
Nurturing Justice; via the Government of Biafra.
Social Empowerment; via the Government of Biafra.
Peaceful Mediation; via the Government of Biafra.
Conflict Resolution; via the Government of Biafra.
Educating Biafrans about the Role of the Government of Biafra.
Ensuring that the Government of Biafra retains its Status as a Sovereign Entity.
Ensuring that the Government of Biafra retains its Status as a Supranational Entity.
Ensuring that the Government of Biafra retains its Status as a Trans territorial Entity.
Reminding Biafrans that the Government of Biafra has Existed for Many Thousands of Years.
Re-iterating to Biafrans that the Government of Biafra preceded the Berlin Conference (1884–85).
Advising Biafrans that the Government of Biafra is Not Subject to the Berlin Conference (1884–85).
Informing Biafrans that the Government of Biafra is Not Party to the Berlin Conference (1884–85).
Empowering Biafrans to realize that the Government of Biafra has never ever had an Interregnum.
Telling Biafrans that the Government of Biafra ACTUALIZED BIAFRA Many Thousands of Years Ago.
Strategic Direction of the Government of Biafra's Plans for Expansion of the Biafran Union.
Robust Appraisal of the Government of Biafra's Plans for Expansion of the Biafran Union.
Full Implementation of the Government of Biafra's Plans for Expansion of the Biafran Union.
The Official Internet Website (and Online Blog) of the Government of Biafra can presently be accessed via http://www.govt.africa.

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