Colored gemstones should be part of investor's portfolio for its wealth accumulation tendency, recession proof and hedge against U. S. dollar devaluation.

(EMAILWIRE.COM) Toronto, Canada -- The purpose of any investment is to make money in the long run. However, there is risk involved in any investments one makes. The stock market, for example, fluctuates based on certain market conditions that are not always foreseeable. Hence, it often advised to diversify one's portfolio in other money-making vehicles such as natural colored diamonds or gold. "Natural Colored Diamonds have assumed the role of a proven wealth accumulation and asset protection vehicle that, along with gold should be a part of everyone’s portfolio recovery program," explains David Metcalfe, President of Premier Diamond Group (North America) Ltd: Mr. Metcalfe believes that the natural colored diamonds should be part of investor's portfolio for its wealth accumulation tendency, recession proof and hedge against U. S. dollar devaluation.

Investors are accumulating wealth with colored diamonds because they are rare, and prices of these gemstones continue to rise. "In 2008, the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond, a natural grayish-blue stone, was sold for a record-breaking price of $24.3 million in a reputable auction house in London," reports FinancialWeb. Another colored stone, the Blue Moon diamond was sold for $48.5 million in 2015. Two years later, "the Pink Star was auctioned off for $71.2 million," reports Michele Debczak of Mentalfloss.
In fact, prices of some natural colored diamonds have doubled at the dealer level on average every 5 to 7 years, according folks at Premier Diamond Group.

While the value of colored gemstone market keeps doubling over the years, this investment vehicle weathers recessions. Colored diamonds have weathered recessions in the past 38 years and have not declined in value. The price of natural colored diamond, especially the pink diamond, has grown by 180 percent in eight years alone.

As the natural colored diamonds have weathered recession, this investment vehicle is considered a hedge against the U. S. dollar devaluation. The change in value of the dollar does not affect the price of the colored diamonds, because these gemstones can be bought and sold in any country. Colored "diamonds act as hedge for the rich," reports Reuters.

If interested in Premier Diamond Group Portfolio Protection, look at investing in natural colored diamonds. However, like with any investment, it is the responsibility for the investor to seek expert advice or do some due diligence. The internet provides vast resources on natural colored diamonds for public domain. However, Premier Diamond Group (North America) Ltd has a knowledge base and Mr. David Metcalfe for consultation. Mr. Metcalfe is "a pioneer in the branding of natural colored diamonds as a hedge against excessive market volatility brought about by speculation and government credit excesses." For more information, go

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