23 October 2016
Used Forklifts

October 23, 2016, 09:11 GMT
London, UK:
http://www.demetriadeshandling.uk provides attractive prices for their used forklifts and as well as their specialists, who has launched their inventory of used forklifts complete with product descriptions, specifications and prices upon request. A wide range of used forklifts, forklift attachments and accessories are available online. Interested buyers can use the company’s website http://www.demetriadeshandling.uk in searching for suitable used forklifts as well as their fork lift accessories and attachments which has been coordinated directly onto the website.

All forklifts that are for sale are in good working condition and comes fully checked and serviced with 12 months Loler certificate.

These used forklifts are furnished with product information, required specifications. They come from different makes and models which include, Mitsubishi, Hyster, Komatsu, Yale, TCM, Clack, Toyota, Sumi, Linde, Daewoo, Crown, Patria, and Nissan.

These Fork Lifts are powered by Diesel, Petrol, LPG, and Electric. Available brand new and used forklift attachments and accessories, we also provide Forklift training, Safety work cage, Fork Slippers, Fork Tynes, load guards, tires, forklift carriage-pin type, Manitou mast and more.

Buyers can enjoy a unique service which provides Forklift repairs and forklift spare parts fulfilling their customers used forklift needs.

There is huge selection of used forklifts at unbeatable prices which they have provided for everyone. Best hurry while stocks last... Great experience and opportunity of getting a used forklift for yourself awaits you at your door step, so why hesitate.

For a wide range of used forklifts and meet with their unbeatable prices, visit at http://www.demetriadeshandling.uk/.

Name: Demetriades (Used Forklifts)
phone number: 0800 0320405
Website: http://www.demetriadeshandling.uk

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