10 February 2015
launch delay

Al Jones Corporation, developers of the Lyrics Guru platform, announced the iOS launch of its song lyrics trivia app, Lyrics Guru, has been delayed.

"We received a binary rejection from Apple about our consumable in-app purchases," Al Jones, President of Al Jones Corporation said in a statement. "We reviewed the rejection and quickly appealed."

Gamers began downloading the free song lyrics game for Android on Google play here.

Commenting on the appeal to the Apple App Review Board, He said, "Our appeal referenced that once the user buys the genre, aside from any of the available three for free, we store it in on the server. The same user can access the genre from any device using the same log in. It is still a consumable, because it is expired when the user achieves 8 levels and become a Lyrics Guru. We have to reset all the purchases, once it is opted by user to reset the game."

On Lyrics Guru a new round is created until the required round quantity criterion for a successful or failed attempt to answer the correct word in the selected genre's series is met; and the player advances to a new level after answering eight correct words in a genre or has purchased a key to deduct from the quantity criterion.

After eight levels are accomplished, the player is a Lyrics Guru.

It has 21 genres and over 500 titles.

Commenting on the uniqueness of Lyrics Guru, where the player receives series of song titles with lists of words and the player must select the correct word which is contained in the lyrics of the song; and other song trivia games, He said, "Competitors of Lyrics Guru include games with audio files, where the player has to listen and identify the song title or answer general trivia questions about a recording artist."

We hope, he noted, to have Lyrics Guru available in the App Store soon.

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