What’s zkoop
You’re on zkoop, or out of the loop™
zkoop is the modern and effective way for people to find and share business news, updates and ideas. Unlike traditional news outlets, all content on zkoop is user-generated, and is not filtered, edited, embellished, influenced or biased in any way.

With zkoop, what matters is the power of your content, message or idea, so whether you’re a start-up, small business or Fortune 500 co., you have equal and endless opportunity to reach your audience, convey your message and achieve your results.

And, unlike social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn, zkoop is built from the ground up for business, from how content is indexed, organized and shared to the slew of business-friendly features that make zkoop, well uniquely zkoop.

Open, Free and Unlimited
zkoop lets anyone, not just the marketing or PR department, share news and updates about their company, industry or profession. It's super simple, absolutely free, and people don't even need to sign up to read news.

Post Anything, Anytime
Post as much content as you want, including up to 3 images, videos or .pdfs with each posting. Content can be posted instantly or scheduled for a future date/time.

Web, Mobile, Email, Social and Viral
Zkoop is the ultimate viral sharing tool. Its content can be viewed on the web or mobile by anyone, is emailed to users via 2 daily digests (am/pm), and can be easily shared via email, social networks and the in-tool “re-post” feature.

Verified, Indexed and Organized
Users’ company affiliation is verified to ensure content authenticity. Content is indexed and archived by industry, company and topic, so users can easily find and follow it. Dedicated pages for each company, industry and topic aggregate all content affiliated with these sources.

Follow and be Followed
Users can follow the industries, companies, topics and authors they want. Users’ news feeds and email digests contain the latest content from the sources they are following. There is no limit to what and how many sources users can follow.

Live Stats
Live stats are displayed for each news item, company, industry and topic, offering valuable, real time and historic insights into activity and trends.